Reviews 2

“This expertly written book delves into all the facets experienced as a son goes to war from a parent’s perspective. I felt the trepidation that Nanette and Mario lived through at every gripping turn in their son’s deployment. The author is brutally honest with her feelings on how the effects of war played out on the `ones left behind’.

She unveils the façade most people use to cover the effects that war has on families. Ms. Sagastume touches on the thoughts and feelings associated with her son in a war zone. With an all-inclusive and heart-felt view, she tries to make sense of it all and she does so in an appreciative way.

She scrutinizes every experience she encounters and investigates observations in her early marriage relationship and interjects her PTSD references with clarity and substance. The most telling aspect, and of paramount significance, is the profound love that two parents have for their son. A deeply moving story.”
By Jim Q

“I can’t tell you how much your book touched my soul, there just aren’t the words. I felt all those feelings and yet my son did not have to go to Iraq. Just the fear that he may, left me in a state of fear constantly. I sometimes felt that maybe I was just a weak person, because everyone looked to be (on the outside) coping better than me. Your book showed me that we were all fearful. When I met you, the very first time, I felt that you were an angel that God sent down to help all of us. I think that God does that with some people. Your book confirms that for me- this book will further help many people. We all are so blessed to have you in our lives. I truly thank God for having met you, your friendship is a gift to me…. L.G.

“For those of us fortunate enough to not have loved ones in harm’s way, this is an inside view of the tremendous impact war has on the entire family of those serving. I read the entire book in less than 24 hours, very well written and suspenseful. The appreciation I have for not only those that serve to keep us free but for the entire families has grown 10 fold! ” …John from KC

“This book touched me deeply. The author’s ability to articulate what so many families felt (or or now feeling) should be read by all Americans who desire to understand the impact of war (both long and short term) on those who serve in uniform and those who serve at home. As the mother of a son who served in Iraq as an Army M.P. I could totally relate to the feelings of being proud but scared. Bless you Nanette for sharing your family’s story. Your words have imprinted on my heart!” …D.P.